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Differences of engraved & vinyl color products?

Engraved signs are extra durable, distinctively designed signs that can be incorporated into almost any form you need. They can be used for everything from hanging signs indicating a business’s location to foot traffic to larger and more decorative storefront signs, to smaller directional and informational signs along pathways or in office buildings, and so much more. Most engraved are made from cedar or oak. Cedar is resistant to pests and other forms of damage because of its natural resins and Oak is very hard and resistant to rot.

However, there are many advantages to using vinyl lettering on hardwood permanent signs.

Benefit #1 – Saving Money. Perhaps one of the largest draws to using vinyl lettering on wood is that it is cost effective.

Benefit #2 – Better than painted letters. It contains a UV protect and and will last a very long time, especially with a finish on top of it.

Benefit #3 – More Options. Vinyl lettering comes in many different colors, as well as different finishes, such as metallic. This gives businesses a way to get their message across using eye catching colors or styles that will be noticed more quickly by customers.

Benefit #4 – This type of signage also allows you to customize how your sign will look in a larger area. We can can arrange the lettering and logo pretty much any way you would like, in different directions or patterns.

Benefit #5 – Vinyl Graphics. In addition to plain letters, you can also find vinyl graphics or decals that can be used to increase the visual appeal of your sign. Just like the lettering and can be used to create more visual interest. We can even make your logo into vinyl.

How long does it take to make a wood sign?

Orders typically leave our warehouse within 7-10 business days after being placed. You will receive an email confirmation when your order ships.

The turnaround time of your custom sign varies depending on the project size, materials, complexity and installation requirements, if there are. Some signage projects may take less than 24 hours to complete, whereas some may require longer to finish. Please, contact our team of specialists for any urgent projects. We are here to provide you with fast signage manufacturing and quality graphics the best we can!

NOTE: Delivery dates are approximate and not guaranteed. Once your package leaves our warehouse, we do not have control over how it is handled by the courier or delivery delays due to COVID-19, weather, emergencies, labor strikes, and so forth.

How will I know what my sign will look like?

We will send you a proof via email, within a day or two to view exactly how your sign will look, this is the point where any changes can easily be made. We don’t start your sign until the final layout is exactly what you want and approved by you!

Can I have a custom sign made for me?

Of Course! We will consult with you to get your specifications.

What finishes are available?

We use polyurethane, or oils for indoor signs, and for outdoor signs we use Helmsman spar varnish or Epoxy with Exterior Varnish.

Do you accept refunds on wood signs?

On custom signs, no unfortunately. On premade signs, yes, because we can resell it.

Do you own the design that you have created for my sign?

It depends. Usually we own the design created. But if the customers pay for the design, we do not own the design anymore. All the rights are given to the customer.

Will you keep my design for further productions?

Of course! We keep all the designs of the signs that we produce for a certain period of time. We will keep your design, in case you need to get a sign or a printing with the same design in the future.

What size of signs do you make?

We make all sizes, but the larger signs are only sold locally because shipping for bigger signs is cost prohibited.

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