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What are transfer stickers?

Transfer stickers are a sticker or decal with multiple, individual pieces that need to stay together when you “transfer” them onto a window or other surface.

Transfer stickers consist of 3 layers of material. The bottom layer is the paper backing of the sticker, on top of that is a vinyl sticker and on top of the sticker is a transfer tape that holds the individual components of your sticker design in place once you remove it from the paper backing.

For example, if you wanted to adhere your name to be individually cut lettered that are adhered precisely to your laptop, the transfer tape would hold the letters in place while you apply them to your device.


How do I apply a transfer sticker?

To apply a transfer sticker, remove it from the paper backing by peeling away the transfer tape. The tape will hold the individual pieces of your sticker design in place while you position it on your desired surface. Once your sticker is positioned correctly you can press the transfer tape onto a surface to adhere it. Next use a credit card to apply pressure to the entire design to make sure it’s fully adhered. Finally, slowly peel the transfer tape away at a 180 degree angle to leave the sticker adhered.

If your design is especially delicate, let it sit for 24 hours before removing the transfer tape. This gives your sticker time to adhere more strongly to the surface and makes it easier to remove the tape while leaving the design intact.

How to apply a transfer stickers


STEP 1 – Clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Do not use a glass cleaner because it will leave a residue behind that will prevent the sticker from adhering well.
STEP 2 -Prepare the sticker – Rub a squeegee or credit card firmly across the sticker through the clear transfer tape to prepare it for application. This ensures the sticker will cling to the transfer tape and removes any air bubbles that may have formed.
STEP 3 – Peel the sticker backing – Peel the white paper backing off the sticker. If the sticker clings to the backing, slowly replace the paper backing and repeat
STEP 4 – Apply the sticker – Slowly lower the sticker onto the surface and rub it in place firmly with a squeegee or credit card. For best results, wait 24 hours before moving to the next step.
STEP 5 – Peel the transfer tape – Slowly peel the clear transfer tape off at an angle. Be careful not to pull the sticker off the surface. If sticker pulls away from the surface repeat Step 4.

What sticker colors do you offer?

We offer 40+ indoor color, 7 reflective and several auto colors. We use the following manufactures:

What size stickers do you make?

We make transfer stickers up to 12” by 24”. Support for larger sizes must be split into several pieces. The smallest available size is 1” by 1”, but artwork must meet our transfer sticker requirements to be eligible to print at smaller sizes.

How thick are transfer stickers?

The vinyl used for transfer stickers is 3 mil (86 microns) thick.

What format of my logo will work best?

To provide a custom sign that meets your needs, it’s important that you provide the logo as a vector based file. You can save your logo as an .eps file for the highest quality reproduction. As long as your logo is vector artwork, it can also be provided as .pspimage, .psd, .eps, .ai or PDF file.

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