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Shipping Policy

Shipping within USA


Basted on your location, we will ship USPS Select (1-4 days). USPS Select Express (1-2 days) is available at additional cost. If in Alabama or Middle Tennessee, we can deliver personally upon request. – Cost of travel expense!


Parcels will normally be sent by USPS Select, unless otherwise arranged. I will send you the tracking number once your parcel is on its way.

Larger woodworking furniture needs to be shipped UPS. I have been shipping furniture by UPS, blanket wrapped delivery and common carrier for over 30 years. I know how to pack your furniture so that it arrives in the same condition as it left my shop. All furniture is boxed, wrapped or crated with the same care as we built it. We do not claim to offer “free shipping” and then hide the shipping costs in the price of the furniture. You pay what it costs us to pack and ship your product and not a penny more.

Shipping Times

I’ll generally for smaller products, it takes 1-2 weeks to create, unless I have multiple orders. We should be able to take your product to the post office within two days of completing your order. If you have a very tight deadline please contact us to discuss the best option. As for larger items, the build time is a lot longer, and so is shipping.

International Shipping


Costs vary by country, weight and  delivery method. Canes will generally be cheaper to post than paddles, because they weigh a lot less. It will normally cost the same to post four or five canes as it will to post one.

The exact shipping cost for each delivery method is displayed in the checkout prior to payment. You can check shipping costs at any time by viewing your cart and clicking the “Estimate Shipping” button.


Smaller Products:

Parcels will normally be sent by USPS Select, standard, or international express delivery. USPS Select and Express services include tracking. I will send you the tracking number once your parcel is on its way.

Larger Products:

Larger parcels will normally be sent by UPS or a Common Carrier. As for international, we do not ship larger items overseas. Please note: We are not responsible for the actions of Customs in to your country or out of our country. They can hold items up to 45 days, so please beware of this. It does not always happen, but has happened in the past.

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