About Master4Control

About Master4Control

Master4Control is my sudo-name, passion, and creative outlet.

This website is a way of sharing my passion for creating beautiful things. I hope you enjoy it.

Master4Control xo

once upon a time… where it all began

The first piece of timber was cut in 1998, the first paddle photo posted to the internet on Fetlife (Master4ControlAL) in 2005.

However, my interest in kink began much earlier. In fact it pre-dates the web. I was trained in real life way back in early 1990s as a Master. Here is that part of the story. Like no doubt countless others at the time I didn’t really know how to learn more about these ideas floating around in my head. I met a Old Guard Dom with vaguely similar interests, but and was trained is several areas.

Eventually after training I tracked down a kink event, and discovered there were myriad other fetishists and kinky folk out there who shared my interests, and had an endless array of fetishes and kinks I had not even conceived of. As a result, much of my early exposure to kink and bdsm was in person, before I’d read anything meaningful about it or seen the endless supply of images available on the internet today. It was definitely an unplanned leap into the deep end.

Paddles and furniture were not even on my radar when I first began to discover kink. Until I wanted to build my first dungeon of my own. However, once I did discover them, the opportunity to combine form and function into my own creations that bring such enjoyment to others was too much to resist.

The wood epiphany

I have been woodworking since high school. Wood was something that came from the hardware store, got used to make houses, chairs, chests and regular everyday products, and was burnt in fireplaces during the winter. Then one day after I was trained, I had a need. I needed a paddle, and what I seen at stores, were weak and ill-built out of pine. Then the Call it an existential rebellion against the flatpack, a desire to create permanence extending beyond my own fleeting existence on this earth, or perhaps most accurately, just a necessity.

…and so the interest was born.

I started in a small shed and the only problem was I didn’t actually know anything about how to make outstanding wooden furniture. I bough some cheap tools, small saws, and soon realised I had a lot to learn, and that cheap rusty old tools do not a masterpiece make.

Is I created a few pieces of furniture, I got told by others I was really a outstanding craftsman. Whilst pondering all this new found knowledge, I had remember making my own personal paddle, so I pulled it out and recreated it better. I showed it to a sub or two, and it was a sensation.

Paddle No.1

Soon afterwards, paddle No.1 was born. It was far from perfect. In fact it was far from good, probably even struggling for eligibility into well below average. But although I didn’t realise it at the time, it did possess some of the key characteristics that have come to define the style of the myriad paddles which have followed it off my workbench over many years. It still sits proudly in my workshop as a reminder of where it all began.

Creation of my shop

While I was in the shed, I realized I had poor tools and a lack of space. I had a large carport, so I had my shop built where it was, bricked in, HVAC added, dust control system put in and purchased the stuff you see in the picture below.

Master Controls Woodshop
This is where I create your custom orders. This is the woodworking workshop.

Present day

After losing my an outstanding job, I realized woodworking remains my hobby and my passion in life, so I started a ETSY account to sell paddles. I started with only a few, then it grew. I have been doing research on make more high level designs and have a head full of ideas for new and different styles and started designing them for future products.

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