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Master Control

I get an enormous amount of joy from creating beautiful things, initially there is huge excitement, and eventually the lovely glow of satisfaction and contentment that the creative process brings… Then I get bored and start all over again with another project! My whole process of visualizing and creating from making a paddle to designing a new piece of furniture or a sign for a customer. This website is a way of sharing my passion for creating beautiful things.
I hope you enjoy it. ~ Master Control

The Wooden Light turned on!

I have been woodworking since high school. Wood was something that came from the Home Depot, and got used to make my home, tables, and was used to generate heat in my fireplace during winter. Then one day after I was trained, I had a need. I needed a paddle, and what I seen at stores, were weak and ill-built out of pine. And then all kinds of types of wood spoke to me differently.

…and so the interest was born.

I started in a small shed and the only problem was I didn’t actually know anything about how to make outstanding wooden furniture. I bough some cheap tools, small saws, and soon realized I had a lot to learn, and that cheap rusty old tools do not a masterpiece make. At first, I created a few pieces of furniture, I got told by others I was really a outstanding craftsman. Whilst pondering all this new found knowledge, so I pulled it out and recreated it better. I showed it to a sub or two, and it was a sensation.

Creation of my shop

While I was in the shed, I realized I had poor tools and a lack of space. I had a large carport, so I had my shop built where it was, bricked in, HVAC added, dust control system put in and purchased the stuff you see in the picture below.

Master Controls Woodshop
This is where I create your custom orders. This is the woodworking workshop.

Present day

After losing my an outstanding job, I realized woodworking remains my hobby and my passion in life, and I was asked to use my woodworking skills to create a few paddles. I was astounded that so many would want it created but it was an order, and it took off, so I started a ETSY account to sell paddles. I started with only a few, then it grew. I have been doing research on make more high level designs and have a head full of ideas for new and different styles and started designing them for future products.

As well I am making furniture, and household items. A lot of the furniture is a whole lot more complex and allows me to be creative. I don’t release a product until I can say I would buy this if I wanted one.

Birth of Vinyl Lettering & Signs Services

As designs began to grow, and customers made requests, the necessity was to add a new division focused on making Vinyl Lettering and Signs. It went well with my woodworking, and my creativity, since I love creating new things.

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