Will I own the rights to the logo or graphic that you design for me?

Once I have completed the design process, and you have paid in full for your final design, the copyrights of that final individual graphic are then transferred to you and you own them. We own the rights to any creative concepts not chosen.

Can you also build a website for me?

Oh Yes! We have a website at MasterControlHosting.com where you not only can get a website built, but we can provide the hosting space on a server for you. We can promote it with SEO and ensure your site has an SSL certificate. to keep it secure

Can I approve the design before use?

Absolutely. Before we begin production, we require your approval of the artwork, colors, spelling, and layout. We will send you a proof via email, within a day or two to view exactly how your design will look, this is the point where any changes can easily be made. We don’t start your sign until the final layout is exactly what you want and approved by you!

How do I submit artwork / files?

We work with most professional design applications including Corel PaintShopPro 2020, Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, etc. If we’re “cutting” the lettering or logo out, we will be needing a Vector File, otherwise we can digitize (or Vectorize) the artwork you provide us in a JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG, etc. at an additional charge. You can email us your “print ready” or “cut ready” artwork, email us or USB flash drive. Please be sure that artwork is sent “high resolution”. If you have questions concerning your artwork or need help getting it to us, feel free to contact us by email.

How many colors can I use in my design, is there a charge per color?

You may use any number of colors in your designs. But there is a cost for every color, since all our printing is cut from vinyl. However, there is no limit, and the charge is the cost of the vinyl letters.

If I know what I want, can you design my graphic for me?

Yes we can, even if you don’t know what you want. But, since all our design time is charged by the hour, if you already know what you want your design to look like, it can save quite a bit of time, and therefore cost a lot less than if we have to come up with the concept and the design. So, if you know what information you want in your design, and have any logos or photos that you want to use, send them to us with your order, indicate you need design work when the option appears, and we will contact you to discuss it and give you a cost estimate. Once we create your design, we’ll send you an electronic proof for approval prior to printing.

How much do you charge for design?

We charge $75 per hour for design time, but the amount of time it will take, and therefore the cost, depends on several factors. As we explained in the previous question, if you already know what you want, and can send us any necessary logos, photos, etc., the design cost could be as little as $15-$20. If you have no idea and want us to come up with concepts and designs, it can cost hundreds of dollars. In our experience, most people have an idea of what they want, and if we provide alternatives, they will almost always come back to what they had in mind in the first place, so you should always tell us your ideas. It will save time and money, and that’s always a good thing.

What resolution does my file need to be?

We recommend 100dpi at full size (in inches) for graphics larger than 22″x28″. A minimum of 300dpi for anything smaller.

What kinds of files do you accept?

The best looking signs begin with quality artwork. We prefer to have a PSD, PDF or EPS file to use when designing your sign. We are very fortunate to have talented graphic designers on staff, so if you do not have the proper artwork, we can usually create it. If additional graphic design will be required for your project, you will be informed and provided with an estimate.

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