What finish do you use on paddles?

All of my paddles are sanded to a very smooth surface and then finished with Danish oil, which is a combination of oils to make it look good and some polyurethane added for toughness. I give all paddles at least three finish coats, with some receiving several more to enhance their look and feel. Some paddles are also given a wax coat depending on the type of wood. 

I occasionally use pure tung oil as a finish, which is a slow drying but relatively hard oil finish, which gives a matt finish.

A small number of paddles have received a polyurethane varnish finish, but consensus is varnish doesn’t look nearly as attractive as an oil finish, and most people consider the added protection provided by varnish as unnecessary for a paddle.

Overall, oil finishes look better and are easier to touch up and repair than varnish, but varnishes are harder, and provide greater protection against scratches and stains.

What wood types do you use to make paddles?

I use as many different types of wood types as I can get hold of! To date I have made paddles and canes in about 30 different wood types. 

Can I buy your paddles in shops?

Not at the present time. You can buy them online from this website or at one of our stores.

Who took the photos on your website?

I do, normally in my shop after and during the design process.

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