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Respect, submission and spanking in domestic discipline
March 25, 2023 Comments Off on Respect, submission and spanking in domestic discipline NEWS Master Control

In the Domestic Discipline lifestyle, respect and submission are important issues. They take several different forms

Respect and submission are two core values in the Domestic Discipline lifestyle. Respect refers to showing consideration and appreciation for your partner, while submission involves yielding to their authority. In the context of domestic discipline, these values are enacted through a consensual power exchange dynamic where one partner takes on a dominant role and the other a submissive role. Respect and Submission are of particular importance in a marriage because the standard marriage vows for the bride always included the phrase “to love, honor and obey” her husband. Previously, women attempted to set themselves up as a rival to their husband, almost as if they were themselves men. This rivalry not only caused great friction in the marriage, but also seriously devalued the woman’s femininity.

The principles of behavior that any woman in the Domestic Discipline lifestyle should follow are quite simple and clear.

As a submissive partner in a domestic discipline relationship, it’s important to understand and follow certain principles of behavior. These include being honest, respectful and obedient to your dominant partner, communicating openly and honestly, and accepting punishment when necessary. By adhering to these principles, you can create a healthy and fulfilling dynamic with your partner. If she is not, she can naturally expect a Disobedience Discipline to correct her lack of obedience to her Dom when he disciplines her for misbehavior.

Obedience is a feminine quality that can be expressed at other times too. It is not only during discipline that the loving woman should obey her Dom. However, when a woman puts herself in unnecessary danger, she is disrespecting her own self. That is a punishable offense, so she should not be surprised to be spanked for her misbehavior. Honesty is a simple principle that involves telling the truth. For some women, the truth is a vague concept that bears little relationship to their everyday existence.

Why is obedience useful?

Obedience is a crucial aspect of the power exchange dynamic in domestic discipline. Here are some reasons why:


Through obedience, the submissive partner acknowledges the dominant partner’s leadership and authority. This can help establish a sense of order and structure in the relationship, which can be beneficial for both partners.


When a submissive partner obeys their dominant partner, it can provide a sense of validation and reassurance. This can help strengthen the bond between partners and foster a deeper sense of intimacy. Obedience enhances a woman’s own femininity by validating it. Obedience is an act that implies that the woman does value her own womanhood, that she sincerely values her own femininity. And by acknowledging the value that she places on her own femininity, she is actually helping to build and enhance her own femininity. She is helping to value and improve her own womanhood.

Love and respect

By obeying their dominant partner, the submissive partner is demonstrating their love and respect for them. This can help maintain a positive and healthy dynamic in the relationship. When a woman obeys her Dom, she is also actively building her own love and respect for him. Why should she build her respect for him, when she already respects him. If she doesn’t, then she should not be in a relationship with her Dom! Because the respect that she has for her Dom builds her loving relationship with him. And because the respect that she has for others ultimately becomes the respect that she has for herself. She cannot pretend to respect herself when she does not respect others.

Reduced fighting

Whenever both partners are clear about their roles and expectations, it can reduce conflicts and disagreements. Through obedience, the submissive partner can avoid behaviors that may lead to conflict, which can help create a more peaceful and harmonious relationship. When a woman is obedient to her Dom, she opens herself up to the natural flow of feminine energy that courses through her being. She enables her true, feminine self to flower and exist in complementary harmony with the masculine energies of her Dom.


Through obedience, the submissive partner is demonstrating their submission to their dominant partner. This can help establish and maintain the power exchange dynamic that is central to domestic discipline. Obedience and submission are also linked in the opposite direction. When a woman decides to submit to her Dom, obedience follows as an automatic consequence. Obedience is a natural result of submission, because a woman cannot be submissive without also being obedient to her HOH.

One of the first signs of a woman’s submission to her HOH is her obedience to him. If she likes being a brat, she really does not respect her Dom, but would rather be in control, and lacks obedience. When she desires to be a brat, she tries to be masculine, but as submission creates and enhances a woman’s femininity, so too her obedience also substantially increases her femininity. Obedience to her HOH is one of the easiest things a woman can do to enhance her femininity and womanly sex appeal.

How should a woman be obedient to her Dom?

Being obedient to your Dominant Head of Household (HOH) means following their rules and expectations. However, it’s important to note that obedience does not necessarily mean blindly following every command. She needs to obey and respect the principles that he has established in their relationship and home. And should anticipate his wishes, even in situations where he has not explicitly stated them. She cannot always be correct, but she can certainly try. Here are some tips for being obedient in a healthy and consensual way:

A woman cannot expect a direct order or rule from her Dom for every single situation that may arise.

It’s important to communicate openly with your Dom about your needs and boundaries. This can help ensure that you are both on the same page and can help avoid misunderstandings or conflicts. The principles of good female behavior are not difficult to work out, so this should not be a huge challenge for the woman. Her own instincts should normally tell her whether something is right or wrong. She should also know that if she chooses the disrespectful, disobedient or dishonest course of action, she can expect to be disciplined for her misbehavior by her Dom.

How can submission be taught?

Submission is a learned behavior, and it can take time and practice to fully embrace this aspect of the lifestyle. The primary technique used in the Domestic Discipline lifestyle for teaching the woman obedience is the classic punishment spanking, and this should be done in a safe, sane and consesual manner with a safe spanking paddle. Punishing the misbehaving woman by spanking her to tears is the simplest, easiest and most effective way to teach her obedience. One of the most common reasons that a woman needs to be spanked to tears is because she has been disobedient. Disobedience is a common form of female misbehavior that should normally be dealt with by thoroughly spanking the woman so that she is sobbing repentantly and submissively.

Tips to teach submission.

Here are some tips for learning how to be more submissive:

Practice mindfulness: Being present in the moment can help you become more attuned to your HOH’s needs and desires.

Learn to let go of control: Submission requires relinquishing control to your HOH. Learning to trust them and let go of control can be a challenging but rewarding process.

Communicate openly: Communication is key in any relationship, but it’s especially important in a power exchange dynamic. It is important to be open and honest with your Dom about your feelings and needs.

Be patient: Learning to be more submissive takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and your partner as you navigate this new dynamic together.

Maintenance Discipline
To implement this method is another excellent way to teach a woman to be more obedient. A regular Maintenance Discipline schedule will remind the woman to be more loving, honest, respectful, submissive and, of course, more obedient. By spanking her regularly to tears with a Maintenance Discipline, her Dom will be helping her to discover her obedience and submission, as well as helping her to flower in her femininity.

It is amazingly effective in teaching a woman to become more obedient to her Dom, while also allowing her release of stress. Even though the woman has not committed a spankable offense, giving her a regular Maintenance Discipline when she is reasonably well-behaved will remind her that good behavior is not just a question of not being disobedient, it is also a question of being actively obedient too. Instead of worrying about avoiding being disobedient, this teaches the woman that she should put her efforts into looking for opportunities to be obedient.

Disobedience Discipline

Of course, the ultimate technique in conventional Domestic Discipline for teaching a woman obedience is to administer a Disobedience Discipline. These are only necessary when the woman is actually disobedient during a normal punishment spanking. If rules are in place, then each rule should have a punishment she can expect. It is the Dom’s responsibility to manage the expectations. A woman’s disobedience is worst when it occurs during discipline, because her disobedience strikes at the heart of the lifestyle and the foundations of her relationship with her Dom. While it is bad that she is disobedient at any time, it is especially negative if her disobedience takes place while she is being disciplined – for whatever reason. It is crucial that she be taught obedience to her Dom while he is disciplining her. For this reason, Disobedience Discipline exists to discourage the woman from disobeying during any kind of spanking.

Preemptive Discipline

This is given to a woman immediately before a situation where past history shows she is likely to misbehave again. This might be before a night out, or having a guest stay for the weekend, or having the in-laws over for dinner. By giving her a good Preemptive Discipline spanking before the event in question, her Dom can be reasonably sure that the chances of her misbehaving are reduced to a minimum. A sound spanking before a situation in which she is likely to misbehave will leave her in tears, with a sore bottom but with a vastly improved attitude. When a woman is spanked until she is sobbing submissively, the chances of her misbehaving are very low.

Wrong expectations

So many women unfortunately enter a relationship with the firm belief that they will never be obedient to their new Dom under any circumstances and that to do so would be a betrayal of all that they have been taught. They see it as an expression of their feminist beliefs that they should never obey their man, ever. All too soon these women join the ranks of the newly divorced because they have put their political beliefs above their own happiness and above their own feminine instincts. A lovingly administered Introductory Discipline is all that a woman needs to put her on the right path to love, intimacy and togetherness. Obedience is such a simple yet effective way of getting everything she ever dreamed of – love, romance, intimacy, fulfillment and harmony.

In conclusion, domestic discipline can be a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle for those who value respect, submission, and intimacy in their relationships. By following these principles and guidelines, you can create a healthy and consensual power exchange dynamic with your partner.

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