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NEW Master Control’s Woodshop How-To YouTube Channel
June 25, 2020 BLOG Master Control

On our site you’re going to find a everything from DYI project, simple projects that you can create with just basic hand tools and basic power tools to create really great gifts for friends and

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2020 FREE Paddle Drawing
January 27, 2020 BLOG, SPECIALS Master Control

These three (3) free paddles will be given away in 2020!  These three oak paddles created by Master Control has chosen to give away in a drawing.  The first 50 orders will be put into

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New High-End Designs Coming Soon
August 20, 2019 BLOG Master Control

I am working on some new high-end designs to cater to those who have asked me for higher grade paddles. These take a bit longer to create, because it is more complex. It has been

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