Large Hardwood Paddles

Our hardwood kitchen products will make life easier & prettier!


Our signs can be for your home, office or for outside needs.

Lexan Set

We can create accessories to add to the style of your house.

Dungeon Furniture

Finding the Adult furniture can make private play all of the difference..

Not every piece of furniture is the same, not every piece of furniture has that look and feel you want. Sometimes you need get away from the mainstream and go your own way. Let me make your dreams come true with the perfect BDSM furniture you have been waiting for. Almost anything is possible with Master Control’s Woodshop custom BDSM furniture. Almost anything is possible with Master Control’s Woodshop & Toys custom BDSM furniture. Also check out our Lexan, hardwood paddles, rubber & Italian leather slappers, vinyl lettering, colors and graphics. All you need to do is ask.


My BDSM furniture are made from an ever increasing selection of exotic woods. No two are the same, with variations in shape, size, decorative and functional details, and of course wood selection ensuring each paddle is a unique piece of functional product. I tend to divide my BDSM furniture design thoughts into two components; form and function.


If you need to contact me for a custom furniture, just fill the form at:

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