Who doesn’t love a good BDSM cane or evil stick for spanking, whether bent over a bench or over a table or bed. We offer a variety of cane styles, some you’ve probably tried in the past, and some you haven’t. Checkout our Lexan, hardwood paddles, rubber & Italian leather slappers.

All handmade with multiple hardwoods, rattan, bamboo, Polycarbonate (Lexan), Electrically Conductive (Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Brass) or acrylic. They all feel solid in your hand and against their butt. We call them weapons of ass destruction.

Some people enjoy a mixture of natural and synthetic canes for the broad spectrum of sensations they offer. Others prefer to only use natural canes. This is down to personal preference. In general synthetic are more intense than natural canes, so natural are a good starting point for your first couple of canes.



What makes an evil stick so evil? Maybe it’s the sharp pain you feel or the red welt left behind. It could be the sadistic laugh of the top or dominant who wields it. Maybe it’s because the moment the sting hits your skin you want to tell it to go straight to hell.

What makes an evil stick so fun? All of the above and more!

Consider this a mini-cane on steroids. You get a quick wake up call and a reminder of who’s in charge — at least while they’re holding the evil stick and pointing it at you. This small weapon of ass destruction — among other body parts — hurts so good. It’s up to you whether you beg for more or you beg for mercy.

Want to buy one of our canes? Take a look at what we have in Master Control’s Toy Shop or give us a call so we can explore your specific needs and desires!

Canes are very popular tools for corporal punishment as well. That’s why we offer multiple canes – each with a distinct and painful sting of their own. As one of the very few products that we wholeheartedly recommend to heavy players, the Master Control’s canes will make your little sadomasochistic heart flutter like an eighth grade crush.

Master Control’s Woodshop & Toys is the home of hand-crafted weapons of wood, canes, leather, rubber and Lexan spanking paddles other words, known as ass destruction and other BDSM toys. Our first love is impact play, but there are so many other sensations to explore and ways to play with kink that we couldn’t stop at a few canes. We also make furniture!

We’re kinksters like you! Everything on the shop is handmade so if you have a need or an idea you need created, just let us know. Here we hope to share our love of simple, easy-to-use kinky play things to add to your toy bag, whether you’re getting kinky at home or in your local dungeon.

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